Thursday, October 25, 2012

Of Stress

I guess it's the time of the year when everyone gets stressed out -- mid-semester exams, holidays (but you can't go home), or simply pure stress.

As humans, we hate to be in stressful situations. I mean, who does? Well, maybe a psychotic person at the end of the spectrum of people (like way down the spectrum). But hey, we're all humans!

To be stressed means that you have felt happiness. Or else you will not know what is the meaning of stress. It's a relative comparison of situation and feelings.

Thus, it's a blessing in disguise. Let's view stress as the bitterness which helps us to taste the sweetness of something better.

Nonetheless, stress still needs to be handled and managed. Just because it is a 'blessing in disguise' does not necessarily means that we must let it stuck there, waiting to be resolved by it's own. Bollocks!

One way, which I think the best way, to actually resolve and clarify everything is to look at the objective of life. Yes, the reason of living. The universal, existentialist, question of life.

Live for Allah, The Gracious, Ever Merciful, then you will eventually find peace -- because He owns peace, He owns our heart. If you still feel stressed, than He is testing you. Believe in Him dear friends.

Until then.

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