Sunday, October 14, 2012

Of Life

I have always asked existentialist questions about life.

The first one was when I was in primary school (at least, the first one that I remembered). It was regarding, "Is everyone else around me really exists? So, they look at the world differently than how I look at it then?"

Not exactly in that sentence, but somewhere along the lines.

Life is all about philosophies -- either you look at the picture or the smaller details. It is true that males are prone to look at the bigger pictures, while females tend to love the smaller details. That's how balance exists in a relationship.

Of life, which Allah created, He created balance. As males and females have their balance in big-small picture, so does philosophies.

Most philosophers neglect the smaller details in life while others focus only on the smaller details. Thus, most philosophies and ideologies tend to be deviated and biased towards another philosophies and ideologies.

This is life, embrace it, and balance it. anti-climactic ending to a supposedly-philosophical entry.

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