Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcoming April

March is coming to an end; welcome April.

We're approaching the last month of the first quarter for the year, wow! Even when I do feel there's a lot of things that I could've done, and a lot of things that I procrastinated, it is somewhat different from those of the years before -- I feel more fulfilled.

It may be the small steps that I'm taking this time around compared to the 'planning' I used to do. Well, thank you Allah for the power and insight. It is the book by Chris Tan that made me realise how the power of NOW is so great, and how small steps are also important (thanks to Art of Manliness).

This coming April is quite big, compared to the midsem break and the midsem exams, I have another important thing to wait and ponder. O Allah, I pray with all my heart and soul, clear away those negativity in my mind and don't make it real. I beg you dear Allah. Ameen.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Affirmative actions towards Malays and Bumis

It is generally known by the citizens of Malaysia that there are some 'special' rights for the Malays and Bumiputeras of Malaysia. And as a Bumiputera, here is my opinion regarding this issue.

Most Malays and Bumis don't even know why they have these rights. All they think about is the 'lordship of the Malays'. That's one thing, yes. But the other thing is this: affirmative action of the government.

An affirmative action basically is a special help towards a minority even if those helps seem to discriminate the majority.

Malays are considered a minority, because during the colonial era, these Malays and Bumis are the ones who were left behind in terms of living status and what not -- even until now!

These are actually the main reason for those 'special' rights. It is true that these lands were originally belonged to the Malays and Bumis, but keeping those ideas in the back of the head creates a complacency in moving forward, and instigate racism.


I'm a Bumi, I have my rights, I can go to IPTs easily, and this is my land.

Sounds racist right?

Thoughts #1

While growing up I was always astounded by how intellectuals can be so smart -- and some are even considered geniuses. As for that I grow up trying to increase my knowledge in few fields of study, though I mainly focused on how to develop my brain better.

Since the brain adopts the 'use it or lose it' principal, and also the 'replacement' principal, I was becoming less social (though I wasn't too much of an extrovert to start with) in relative comparison with my peers. I became more or less an introvert -- or so I think.

But now it's quite different.

It may be the fact that I'm a grown man, or the fact that I've travelled distance and met new people, or it could be a bit of both: those reasons made me think of life in a greater way now. The bigger picture as people say it.

Nowadays, I'm not just focusing on being an intellectual but also a man as a whole -- a better Muslim. It is not until recently that I personally notice my own change of focus. And to my delight, I now know that even other types of focus can facilitate in the development of my brain (and perhaps more than that).

With all this things, I've also come to realise that habitual changes are hard to do, it's a slippery hill. So, I've been trying to take it slow, little by little, one by one. Doing it for the sake of self-actualisation. And this change of focus to a greater deal cannot be started with the blessings of Allah Almighty as I know He sends many people to help me in this quest.

But among all of those people that I've met, there's one person who is always here by my side and facilitate me through this slippery hill I'm trying to climb: Syarifah Nazirah. I've never met anyone who is so admirable and yet so humble in helping others. I know who she was, and who she is now, and I do know who she can become -- a very great woman.

My desire to adopt a positive life is for Allah Almighty (may this intention doesn't fade) and also to be as admirable as her; also to be able to lead her throughout life to Jannah (may Allah permits).

For I am just a man, seeking His love. May the love in my heart for others, are due to my love for Him.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Politik Anak Muda

Soalan yang sering menjadi isu perdebatan: politik anak muda ini baik atau tidak?

Jawapannya: bergantung kepada individu tersebut.

Politik ini besar kotaknya -- dalam kotak politik itu juga ada aspek kepimpinan. Namun, masalah bila anak muda mula masuk ke dalam arena ini, tidak ramai yang mampu melihat bahawa kepimpinan itu ada dalam kotak tersebut.

Apa yang terlintas cuma ini: kita menang pilihanraya dengan ideologi. Itu sahaja.

Oleh sebab itu kita dapat melihat organisasi berbaur politik di kampus merata-rata tempat yang renggang. Kepimpinan lemah, dan ahli pun lemah. Sebab mereka berfikir cuma atas emosi ideologi!

Sedangkan dalam kotak politik itu ada kepimpinan, dan di bawah kepimpinan itu pula ada dua:
1. Kebolehan untuk memimpin.
2. Kebolehan untuk dipimpin.

Dua aspek ini yang mampu membentuk nilai tambah kepada diri mahasiswa. Namun, mahasiswa kini yang terpesong hanya untuk "ber-ideologi" sahaja tidak akan dapat banyak -- mungkin ada sedikit tetapi tetap tidak banyak.

Terutamanya mahasiswa Melayu. Oh, saya bukan rasis.

Lihat sahaja mahasiswa bukan Melayu, kebanyakkan sibuk mencari nilai tambah untuk diri sendiri. Mudah sahaja, mari kita lihat contoh kelab AIESEC. Peratusan Melayu di setiap kampus mungkin 5% sahaja dalam kelab tersebut. Kebanyakan manusia tidak sedar bahawa kelab ini mampu membangunkan pemimpin hebat. Lihat sahaja sistem pertukaran pelajar luar negara mereka! Mereka menghantar pelajar untuk berkhidmat kepada komuniti global.

Mahasiswa Melayu ada? Kurang.

Kebanyakannya sibuk dengan ideologi.

Jika benar pun anda sibuk dengan ideologi, ada yang mampu memahami apa itu sebenarnya 'freedom of expression' dan bagaimana kebebasan itu mampu ditarik, apa itu 'harm principle', apa itu autonomi tubuh, apa itu liberti positif, apa itu 'doctrine of double effect', apa itu 'principle of invisible hand', dan etc?

Fokus sekarang sepatutnya adalah "nilai tambah individu". Jangan salahkan rakyat bukan berbangsa Melayu jika mereka maju. "Ber-ideologi" itu tidak salah, sebenarnya bagus (lihat sahaja Marx, Nietzsche, dan Berlin), tetapi cuba lihat prioriti terlebih dahulu.

Apa yang anda (sebagai mahasiswa) ingin capai dahulu:
1. Memimpin diri sendiri.
2. Memimpin orang lain.

Yang mana?

Tidak ramai yang mampu untuk membangunkan bangsa, saya sendiri tidak mampu. Oleh itu, pilihlah fokus anda dengan sebaiknya.

Mungkin tahun hadapan, mungkin tahun hadapan saya bertanding menjadi calon. Mungkin. Bukan untuk apa-apa, untuk melihat areena politik dari perspektif berbeza, untuk mencipta perubahan positif.

Tapi bukan atas tiket Aspirasi.

Aspirasi sekarang lemah. Lihat sahaja perpecahan jentera. Lihat sahaja perpecahan orang atasan. Tapi sekarang ini sokongan saya masih dengan Aspirasi, cuma saya terluka mengetahui ada orang atasan yang tidak mahu menang tahun ini. Saya tahu, menang itu tidak penting, tapi saya cuma mahu melihat usaha, dan sifat kepimpinan.

Tahun hadapan, kalau bertanding, atas tiket berbeza. Atas tiket GENIUS.