Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcoming April

March is coming to an end; welcome April.

We're approaching the last month of the first quarter for the year, wow! Even when I do feel there's a lot of things that I could've done, and a lot of things that I procrastinated, it is somewhat different from those of the years before -- I feel more fulfilled.

It may be the small steps that I'm taking this time around compared to the 'planning' I used to do. Well, thank you Allah for the power and insight. It is the book by Chris Tan that made me realise how the power of NOW is so great, and how small steps are also important (thanks to Art of Manliness).

This coming April is quite big, compared to the midsem break and the midsem exams, I have another important thing to wait and ponder. O Allah, I pray with all my heart and soul, clear away those negativity in my mind and don't make it real. I beg you dear Allah. Ameen.

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