Friday, March 30, 2012

Thoughts #1

While growing up I was always astounded by how intellectuals can be so smart -- and some are even considered geniuses. As for that I grow up trying to increase my knowledge in few fields of study, though I mainly focused on how to develop my brain better.

Since the brain adopts the 'use it or lose it' principal, and also the 'replacement' principal, I was becoming less social (though I wasn't too much of an extrovert to start with) in relative comparison with my peers. I became more or less an introvert -- or so I think.

But now it's quite different.

It may be the fact that I'm a grown man, or the fact that I've travelled distance and met new people, or it could be a bit of both: those reasons made me think of life in a greater way now. The bigger picture as people say it.

Nowadays, I'm not just focusing on being an intellectual but also a man as a whole -- a better Muslim. It is not until recently that I personally notice my own change of focus. And to my delight, I now know that even other types of focus can facilitate in the development of my brain (and perhaps more than that).

With all this things, I've also come to realise that habitual changes are hard to do, it's a slippery hill. So, I've been trying to take it slow, little by little, one by one. Doing it for the sake of self-actualisation. And this change of focus to a greater deal cannot be started with the blessings of Allah Almighty as I know He sends many people to help me in this quest.

But among all of those people that I've met, there's one person who is always here by my side and facilitate me through this slippery hill I'm trying to climb: Syarifah Nazirah. I've never met anyone who is so admirable and yet so humble in helping others. I know who she was, and who she is now, and I do know who she can become -- a very great woman.

My desire to adopt a positive life is for Allah Almighty (may this intention doesn't fade) and also to be as admirable as her; also to be able to lead her throughout life to Jannah (may Allah permits).

For I am just a man, seeking His love. May the love in my heart for others, are due to my love for Him.

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