Friday, March 30, 2012

Affirmative actions towards Malays and Bumis

It is generally known by the citizens of Malaysia that there are some 'special' rights for the Malays and Bumiputeras of Malaysia. And as a Bumiputera, here is my opinion regarding this issue.

Most Malays and Bumis don't even know why they have these rights. All they think about is the 'lordship of the Malays'. That's one thing, yes. But the other thing is this: affirmative action of the government.

An affirmative action basically is a special help towards a minority even if those helps seem to discriminate the majority.

Malays are considered a minority, because during the colonial era, these Malays and Bumis are the ones who were left behind in terms of living status and what not -- even until now!

These are actually the main reason for those 'special' rights. It is true that these lands were originally belonged to the Malays and Bumis, but keeping those ideas in the back of the head creates a complacency in moving forward, and instigate racism.


I'm a Bumi, I have my rights, I can go to IPTs easily, and this is my land.

Sounds racist right?

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