Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Which type of person are you?

For all these years there are lots of people I've come to meet -- be they people who I still connect with, people who I adore 'till now, people who come and go, and those who are friends forever.

It is through experience and personal perspective that I see every one of them as a person with great mind and potential. Not just in academics, but the bigger picture here: in life.

Unfortunately, not all of those people I've come to meet realise this inner potential and natural gift of theirs. Many of them just give up when failure comes knocking, making themselves struggle. Only a few have come to polish their minds, and actually release their true potential which I believe there are many more to come from these great people.

The two types of people made me think the other day,: which type of person I am? A little bit of both I guess.

I am the type of person who always have the fear of changes. Therefore, I am happy to stay in my comfort zone. Luckily, people around me always help me to get out of that comfort zone, helping me to grow and see the true potential of what I can become.

I know it's a long tough road ahead to be a great person like the people I know but the journey is an exciting one.

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