Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is "Change" Good?

Is change, ideally, good or bad?

Yes, we do have the black and white change that we can definitely say good or bad. For example, trying to get closer to God, becoming more religious, and such, is good. On the other hand, becoming a thief, an alcoholic, or a narcotic, is essentially bad.

Sadly, many things in life are not in black and white.

For example, if I change my soap from Antabax to Protex, is it ideally good or bad? It might need a whole parameter definition to eventually find a conclusion. Yet, the conclusion might even be incomplete.

Well, that's life.

So, the question of, is change ideally good or bad, is pretty much unanswerable. Hey, life is not about answering everything, it's about embracing everything.

Sometimes, changes are "horizontal" (being philosophical aren't I?). These horizontal changes are neither good nor bad relatively, they are neutral in isolation, but might be good or bad in an anchored situation. (This is too philosophy-heavy for some)

Thus, change must be embraced. It is part and parcel of. It is a mechanism for individual adaptation.

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