Monday, January 6, 2014

Of Sherlock

I am easily influenced by movies or series I'm watching. A few years back during my matriculation years, I would sit and eat like L when watching Death Note.

These past few days I was watching Sherlock. Thanks to that, I rekindled my love for mysteries. I've always been intrigued with 'em, I followed a lot of mystery stories back then -- translated version of Enid Blyton and Alfred Hitchcock's novels, Detective School Q, etc.

Well, today during my examination, I took the time to write (at the back of the question paper) an elaborate plan of a murder. It was fiction, every bit of it. I was just pondering how would a person in an exam hall murder another person rows and tables away from him without getting caught.

One thing for sure, I hope that anyone reading that plan (had to pass up the question paper) do not mistaken it for an actual plan. Two things: a) I don't really want to murder anyone (disclaimer). b) it was too un-intelligent of a plan. Really.

Well, get along with your lives then.


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