Friday, January 4, 2013


A self-reflection moment this morning made me realise that I didn't abandon my innate feelings, rather I tried to push them aside like a pile of dirty laundry. Then, these "dirty laundry" built up in no time.

That was what I thought being great is all about -- able to generate and project positive energy, by pushing aside the negativity under the rug. Apparently, and obviously, it is not.

Great people embrace their humanly negativity, their feelings, their emotions, and such. Not linger, but embrace.

I for one, either ignore those negativity or simply linger in it for far too long. Well, I'll try to do my best in being better when facing obstacles in front of me by embracing everything.

I'm looking forward to face all my exam papers; because after that I'll be going home after quite a while. January and February has always been blue for me, for many years. This time around, even if it is blue or grey, I'll embrace it.

Then, the next semester will come around. A planned business will be started with my best friend, and I'm excited to get a pet (or a pair of). It's more than two years since I've been wanting pets.

Until then, may Allah gives me what is best for me. Insya-Allah.

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