Saturday, May 19, 2012

Undergoing Positive Change

Moving into a positive change seems easy at first, but then everything will be harder and more challenging. Yes, being istiqamah is the most challenging part -- especially when the change is so drastic.

Here are some of the challenges:

1. Tiresome.

Changing means stopping from doing a bad habit. Thus, it requires our willpower. This willpower is what drives our enthusiasm day in, and day out. The bigger the change, the bigger the willpower needed.

2. Sleeping pattern disruption.

Due to the lacking of willpower due to being drained in trying to change a habit, the sleepong pattern might also change and be disrupted due to the bigger needs of the body to actually gain more energy, or even conserve more energy.

Some things that you can do:

1. Fill with positive habits.

When changing a negative habit, you cannot let the 'time' empty. Later on, either you go back to that habit, or sleep. Thus, filling in with positive habit such as reading, praying, reciting the Quran will be the way.

2. Ask Allah for strength.

This is the biggest and most effective point. Remember, to change towards Allah, He will create some tests in front of us to make us stronger. So, don't forget to ask for strength from the Owner of strength.

Well, mostly I will read from http:// some tips and habits to actually be a productive Muslim one day. Insya-Allah.

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